Service Request

Get the work you need done. If you cannot complete it Request the Service from your available Vendors

The list of services currently available are as follows:

    • Building & Construction
    • Management
    • Commercial & Industrial Cleaners
    • Construction Project Management
    • Electrical Technicians
    • Estate Maintenance
    • Facilities Management
    • Gardening & Landscaping
    • Glazing & Window Installation
    • Health & Safety
    • Hospitality Management
    • HVAC
    • IT Network Technicians
    • Industrial Team Management
    • Locksmith
    • Medical Equipment Maintenance
    • Pest Control
    • Plumbers
    • Pool Maintenance Management
    • Planned Preventative Maintenance
    • Property Maintenance
    • Property Management
    • Security / CCTV Installation
    • Service Industry
    • Utilities Maintenance

How do I create a Servce Request Job Card?

1. Navigate to the Jobs Menu from the sidebar (refer to Navigation - Jobs Menu).

2. Click the Add sub-menu option under the Jobs Menu.

3. Enter the Service Request Name & Description, then click the Request Service radio button.

4. Choose the Service to Request (select a service from the listed services above)

5. Choose a Vendor to assign the Job Card to

6. Select the Job Card Priority Level & Select a Workflows (Submission guidelines/Survey Form for capturing information you require for the Job Card for you to verify the work is complete)

7. Either use you current address or enter a new address as the Service Address

8. Pick the Estimated Job Start Date & Completion Date, then click the Save button to create the Job Card

Please Note: The assigned vendor will recieve a New Servcie Request Job Card notification.

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