Provide Services

How do I create a Provide Service Job Card?

1. Navigate to the Job Cards Tab Menu

2. Click the floating + button.

3. Click the Job Card button

4. Pick Provide Service for the I want to? option

5. Choose the Client to to whom you are providing services

6. Select a Workflows (Submission guidelines/Survey Form for capturing information you require for the Job Card for you to verify the work is complete)

7. Either use you current address or enter a new address as the Job Address

8. Choose who to assign the Job Card to (Internal or External)

  • Internal - Your Staff or yourself
  • External - Your Vendors (outsourcing the work)

9. Enter the Job Card Title & Description

10. Click the Save button to create the Job Card

Please Note: The assigned vendor/personnel will recieve a New Provide Service Job Card notification.

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