Navigate though the Job-Box Platform like a pro!


From the Topbar the user gets to access thier messages, alerts, profile, documentation & logout button


From the Sidebar the user has control of everything.

1. Admin Menu:
Access to the Dashboard, Messages, The Job-Card Progress Board, Quotes & Tasks

2. Branches Menu:
Add Branch & View Branches

3. Clients Menu:
Add Client & View Clients

4. Jobs Menu:
Add Job-Card, View Jobs & View Archived Jobs

5. Personnel Menu:
Add Personnel, View Personnel & Track Your Personnel

6. Workflows Menu:
Add Workflow, Workflow Market, View Workflows & SLA (Client Service Level Agreements)

7. Vendors Menu:
Add Vendor & View Vendors

8. Reporting Menu:
Commission Sheets

9. Accounts & Blling Menu:
Subscription, Payments & Profile

Branches - Permissions